You Want to Deduct What!  – How to Get A Laugh out of Your Tax Preparer

Tax Preparer

People have tried all manner of schemes and things to lower the amount of taxes they owe the government.  But until they pass a flat tax into law, we are likely to hear more stories of the absurd and outrageous tax deductions folks try to get away with each year.

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Tires are tax deductible if the vehicle they are used on counts as a work-related vehicle.  If you buy tires for your taxicab and that is your main mode of transportation, you can deduct the cost of maintaining or replacing them.  That’s not as unusual as some of the other wacky cases that have ended up in tax court.  If you want to get a laugh out of your tax preparer, just tell him about these cases.  Like the case of the man who wanted to deduct the costs of his Rolls Royce by claiming it was a delivery vehicle.  His claim was approvedwhen he showed his method of delivery was crucial to the persona he portrayed as part of his business marketing plan.

Then there’s the story of the farmer who was allowed to claim his dog and cat as outdoor pets who kept pests away from his cash crop of blueberries.  Pet food for an animal was considered a personal effect and was allowed when the family wrote off their expensesfor moving out of state, but in a different case a pet snake was not allowed.  Fake boobs were considered a prop in a dancer’s routine and allowed as a deduction – but not the dancing lessons another tax payer tried to claim.